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The Ellen Show Twitter

If you watched the Oscars, you are probably already familiar with Ellen DeGeneres.

She was quite the character and among all the individuals who have ever hosted it, she stuck out the most.

In the middle of the show, she ordered a pizza and shared it among other celebrities. I guess we can now call her Ellen the generous.

She is a comedian and also the host of the Ellen show. Apart from the pizza situation, she took a “selfie” with the rest of the stars. Maybe the reason this picture is such a hit is because of the fact that they are so many stars in one picture.

Ellen DeGeneres is one of those people who have been around for decades, she has been appearing on TV screens when I was just a child and has refused to leave ever since.

Well, good for you Ellen, while we may have become a little tired of her, we certainly can’t blame her for being so persistent. When I was typing this even MS Word seemingly knew the correct way to spell her last name, which I must say happens pretty rarely.

She is one of the few celebrities who have openly admitted her homosexuality. So, hurrah for Ellen; may you live long and prosper!

Harry Styles Twitter

Commonly known as 1D, One Direction is an English band that signed up with Simon Cowell’s record label.

For those who do not know who Simon Cowell is, he is the brutally honest judge from the American Idol. Ring a bell now

It consists of Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles and Zayn Malik. And recently, one of the One Direction members hit their birthday.

Harry styles just turned twenty and tweeted about it. It was well welcomed by lots of fans as though everyone of them was counting down.

Lea Michele Twitter

Lea Michele, the woman known for her performance in the hit T.V series Glee as Rachel or Rachel Berry has gathered a number of fans for quite some time.

For those still unfamiliar with Lea Michele, she began working as a child actress in one of the moves called Fiddler On The Roof.Now that we are all a little more familiar with Lea, let’s get into her relationship. She began working with her soon to be boyfriend Cory Monteith in 2008.

She went through a break up with him and received great support from her fans. She posted a picture of ex- boyfriend making it clear that she will never forget him.

Lea Michele has become very well known as one of the stars in the Glee series, although lately she seems preoccupied with mourning for her junkie boyfriend, who has lately found a new career in pushing up the daisies.

I hope you will excuse my lack of sensitivity as I am one of those people who upon hearing the word Glee, tends to get some homicidal urges.

I have to say this for the woman though, she did stand by her man, although she may really not had much choice, since they were both on screen and off screen couple.

Zay Malik Twitter

One of everyone’s favorite One Direction Member and the ladies favorite, Zayn Malik takes a picture of one of his band member, Harry while he was asleep and later tweets “Harry wake up !!”.

One thing we can’t figure it is whether there are so many retweets because Harry styles is asleep in the image or the fact that Zayne took the image? Maybe it is a mixture of both reasons causing this viral effect.

Justin Bieber Twitter

We all probably already know Justin Bieber. You either love or hate him, but either way you have seen or heard of him before.

Though it might seem like he has more haters than fans, it is actually the other way around

Like every successful star, he has more fans than haters.

The teenage pop star in every thirteen year old girl’s dream tweeted that one should be strong and basically stay motivated, also thanked his fans for the support and how they have changed his life for the better/worse.

Beliebers jumped on and started re-tweeting the message to show even more support for the fact that he acknowledged them.

Justin Bieber, a child sensation, prince of the stage, wet dreams of every teenage girl… and so on and while some may praise him, I’m quite sure that there are plenty more that hate his guts and since I belong to the latter group, I’ll definitely say my piece.

I hear praises to his voice and overall music talent, but when I hear his music, I must say that my emotions vary widely (in the most negative way imaginable).

I must say that it’s pretty hard to compare his music to anything without insulting whatever I am comparing him to, so I won’t.

Niall Horan Twitter

Valentine day is the day of love and also the day that some people are reminded of just how horribly lonely they are.

But guess who made it brighter for some people? Niall Horan from the One Direction band.

No one knows what he was doing up at 3:00 am in the morning but he tweeted “Happy Valentine’s Day my loves! Love you all ! Have fun! xxxx”. Nothing says I love you than a tweet from Niall Horan to everyone on Valentine’s Day.

Barack Obama Twitter

During the elections, President Obama was already a strong candidate. After he won his first presidency, like any other president, some people thought that there is no way he will be president for a second term.

But when he won his second term, the slogan originally known as “change” changed to “four more years” from which he tweeted. That four worded tweet meant a lot to a number of different democrats and ex republicans alike and was well received.

The tweet was 780 thousand people strong. But now, it is hard to tell if the president that much support as he did at first.

Barack Obama has gotten many people to regain hope when he was elected, but sadly that did not last too long. He may be the first American president with some color, but again here is where the novelty ends.

He has for now proven to be no better than any other U.S. president in terms of corruption, unnecessary wars and so on, but I’ve got to say this for him; of all the presidents he is in my eyes possibly the best performer and you’ve got to admit the man has style. So if I could I would definitely vote for that guy.

Liam Payne Twitter

Liam Payne, one of the members of the one direction band shows his Christmas love. Who knew people could receive batman aprons as Christmas gifts.

Who knew they even made batman aprons?

In this picture, Liam tweets a merry Christmas to which his fans go wild. It is now up to us to figure out if they are so many retweets due to the fact that he has a lot of batman fans or because it is Christmas? Maybe both.

Anyway if you look carefully you will release that the abs are not his. Neither are the killer quadriceps and underwear.

Louis Tomlinson Twitter

Yes, it seems as though that One Direction is dominating twitter. 

They all seem to have unimportant images of their daily normal lives and fans swarm on the retweet button.

But that is what fans are for, to blow your aroma around.

Judging by the smile on Louis Tomlinson’s face, one could assume that he put the bun on his forehead and tweeted “Burger boy”. With almost 235 thousand retweets, this pose is taking him far on twitter.

Drake Bell Twitter

If you did not know about what Drake Bell is referring to, then get a cup of coffee and allow me to update you on it.

Kanye West, the rapper and husband to Kim Kardashian, had a baby and named it “North West”.

This name was all around celebrity news and social media for being seemingly ridiculous.

People like you and I were making fun of such a name and to add to it, Drake Bell, the ex-star of the show “Drake and Josh” tweeted that “In Honor of Kim and Kanye’s baby, he will name his “Taco”.

Just in case you are still lost, Drake’s last name is Bell and if he names his child Taco, it will become Taco Bell which is also a restaurant located in the United States.

Ariana Grande Twitter

Ariana is a singer and a composer of lyrics. She was born in Florida and is known to be of Italian descent. She moved to Los Angeles after probably growing tired of Florida or simply to chase her dreams. But luckily, got a role in “Victorious”, the popular Nickelodeon show.

Relationship wise, she is in one with another Musician called Jai Brooks. Judging from their photos on the media/social media, one can say they are in love and will not be breaking up anytime soon. Sorry guys who had their hopes up.

Dylan Sprouse Twitter

Dylan Sprouse, the star of a former hit comedy show “the suite life of Zach and Cody”, has been up on the screen for quite a while. Though he is quite a character, does anyone really know him? If you do, good for you. If not, let me tell you a bit about him.

He and his twin brother were born in 1992 in Italy, to American parents. Luckily, they shared the same passion and began their acting at a young age.

I will not get into every movie they acted in but the one most are familiar with is “The Suite Life of Zach and Cody” which was also their own T.V show. These kids were talented at even a young age.

Seth Rogen Twitter

Seth Rogen is a comedian and my personal favorite. Mostly known as the pot head in most movies roles, he is also quite an influencer on social media.

If you haven’t already figured based on the roles he normally plays, he has taste for quirky comedy. He was even stared in the movie Pineapple Express.

In this tweet, he is not meaning to make friends with Bieber when he tweeted that. From what I can see, it seems like two hundred thousand other followers support him. With Bieber turning into a bad boy persona, it is no wonder why some stars are now turning against him.

Lady Gaga Twitter

Lady Gaga is a very famous pop singer who also has a big influence on her audience.

Her songs normally have deep meanings and tell her audience to achieve or accept themselves. She also dives into love songs but with a twist.

She has self-acclaimed herself as the mother of all monsters and calls her audience little monsters. Based on the songs she already sings, it is easy to tell that she will be as supportive to anyone as a mother would.

In her tweet, she reminds One Direction that their fans love them and they have her support. How sweet of Lady Gaga.

Derek Nichols Twitter

A 14 year old child writes quite a deceptive poem.

It seems he is not the only one that agrees that our generation is a failure and must do something.

Every other generation had something great they did, but we are only concerned with money and power.

Unless we change things around, we will keep being failures. And if you read the poem from the bottom up, you will notice that it turns into an encouraging poem that is still understandable.

His father shows how impressed he is in his tweet.

Pattie Mallette Twitter

In this tweet, Pattie Mallete wishes someone a happy birthday and assumes we know who.

If you did not know like the rest of us, Pattie Mallete is Justin Bieber’s mother.

Meaning she gave birth to the piece of talent that you see walking around. It is apparently his birthday and she decided to wish her son a happy birthday.

At a young age, Justin Bieber struck the world by storm and his mother later  coat tailed by writing a book.  So Justin Bieber is not the only one who became successful.

Simon Cowell Twitter

If no one knew, Simon Cowell, best known for his role as a judge in the hit T.V show “American Idol” and also known for his brutal honesty mean looks, had a lovely child.

It is hard to believe that someone who seemed so mean have a soft side. One can’t be sure if the picture was retweeted many times because it was cute or because they have never seen this side of Simon. He seems so happy.