Justin Bieber Twitter

We all probably already know Justin Bieber. You either love or hate him, but either way you have seen or heard of him before.

Though it might seem like he has more haters than fans, it is actually the other way around

Like every successful star, he has more fans than haters.

The teenage pop star in every thirteen year old girl’s dream tweeted that one should be strong and basically stay motivated, also thanked his fans for the support and how they have changed his life for the better/worse.

Beliebers jumped on and started re-tweeting the message to show even more support for the fact that he acknowledged them.

Justin Bieber, a child sensation, prince of the stage, wet dreams of every teenage girl… and so on and while some may praise him, I’m quite sure that there are plenty more that hate his guts and since I belong to the latter group, I’ll definitely say my piece.

I hear praises to his voice and overall music talent, but when I hear his music, I must say that my emotions vary widely (in the most negative way imaginable).

I must say that it’s pretty hard to compare his music to anything without insulting whatever I am comparing him to, so I won’t.