Lea Michele Twitter

Lea Michele, the woman known for her performance in the hit T.V series Glee as Rachel or Rachel Berry has gathered a number of fans for quite some time.

For those still unfamiliar with Lea Michele, she began working as a child actress in one of the moves called Fiddler On The Roof.Now that we are all a little more familiar with Lea, let’s get into her relationship. She began working with her soon to be boyfriend Cory Monteith in 2008.

She went through a break up with him and received great support from her fans. She posted a picture of ex- boyfriend making it clear that she will never forget him.

Lea Michele has become very well known as one of the stars in the Glee series, although lately she seems preoccupied with mourning for her junkie boyfriend, who has lately found a new career in pushing up the daisies.

I hope you will excuse my lack of sensitivity as I am one of those people who upon hearing the word Glee, tends to get some homicidal urges.

I have to say this for the woman though, she did stand by her man, although she may really not had much choice, since they were both on screen and off screen couple.