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If you watched the Oscars, you are probably already familiar with Ellen DeGeneres.

She was quite the character and among all the individuals who have ever hosted it, she stuck out the most.

In the middle of the show, she ordered a pizza and shared it among other celebrities. I guess we can now call her Ellen the generous.

She is a comedian and also the host of the Ellen show. Apart from the pizza situation, she took a “selfie” with the rest of the stars. Maybe the reason this picture is such a hit is because of the fact that they are so many stars in one picture.

Ellen DeGeneres is one of those people who have been around for decades, she has been appearing on TV screens when I was just a child and has refused to leave ever since.

Well, good for you Ellen, while we may have become a little tired of her, we certainly can’t blame her for being so persistent. When I was typing this even MS Word seemingly knew the correct way to spell her last name, which I must say happens pretty rarely.

She is one of the few celebrities who have openly admitted her homosexuality. So, hurrah for Ellen; may you live long and prosper!